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Job: Virtual Assistant


Ustaffed is a U.S. based organization that excels in providing specific employment solutions and staffing for businesses that are seeking virtual assistants. Our virtual assistants are trained in many facets of business support that include administration, human resources, recruiting, lead generation, and social media/digital marketing. 

We are not a call center! When you hire through Ustaffed, you will get a selection of highly qualified candidates, who are specifically assigned to your organization. The team member is capable of learning your company’s needs and is flexible in the duties assigned. In addition, we always have a trained backup team that can step in for any unexpected absences or emergencies. 

The requirements are as low as 20 hours per week, 4 hours a day, and can work any schedule, day or night. We have designed our cost to fit a small business owner’s budget and offer a complimentary 2-day on-boarding, with no charge.

We are the solution to your human resources needs! 

Contact us NOW and let our team help you succeed!



Ustaffed is a U.S. based company that specializes in staffing businesses that are seeking virtual assistants. Our organization is searching for individuals that are capable of administrative support, web design, social media marketing, and lead generation. We are looking for those with related skills who enjoy working for various employers and industries, as well as loving the challenge of assisting in the success of business owners. All qualified applicants are required to own a personal computer/laptop and a phone system with a reliable WIFI network. It is required to work during the U.S. business hours and have a private area that may be used as a quiet and professional workplace. The applicant also must be able to fluently read and write in the English language. For the right candidate, we offer complimentary training with long-term employment, flexible scheduling, lucrative income, benefit packages, and opportunities for advancement. The ideal candidate for this position will take over and fulfill the following responsibilities and requirements/qualifications, and will also receive the following benefits 


  • Help secure businesses in the U.S.

  • Administrative assistance


  • Must be a high school graduate or college student (or of higher qualifications)

  • Experience in administrative support, web design, social media marketing, and lead generation

  • Own a personal computer/laptop, phone system, WIFI network, and professional work area (PRIOR to applying)

  • Work U.S. business hours

  • Fluently read, write, and speak English

  • Looking for bilingual applicants (Spanish or Vietnamese)***



  • Reliable

  • Strong Spoken English 

  • Positive attitude 

  • Goal setting

  • Personal motivation

  • Willing to learn and develop business skills 



  • Industry specific

  • Free training

  • Long-term employment

  • Flexible scheduling and lucrative income

  • Opportunities for advancement 

  • Get paid/ Negotiation for better salary

  • Guaranteed job replacement 

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We are dedicated to helping you succeed. So, if the opportunity to be well represented in most sought-after employer market is for you, do NOT delay, apply with us NOW, and LET’S SOAR TOGETHER!

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