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Streamline Your Workflow

Boost growth with dedicated virtual staff, tailored for the needs of demanding insurance and financial service professionals.

Reduce costs

Outsourcing enables your company to enhance competitiveness, sustainability, and profitability, achieving a remarkable 70% reduction in labor costs.

Increase quality & efficiency

By tapping into a worldwide talent pool, remote staffing solutions help bridge skill gaps and optimize internal workflows.

Scale faster

Customize your offshore operations to rapidly scale, fulfill demand, counteract escalating labor expenses, and tap into specialized talent, all while avoiding additional overhead costs.


Elevate Your Agency's Potential

Many Insurance & Finance companies find themselves juggling understaffing, inadequate training, and inefficient resource allocation when dealing with traditional staffing agencies.


These headaches can take away at valuable time and resources you could be investing in growing your business.

At UStaffed, we offer a different approach. We specialize in providing tailored virtual staffing solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of the Finance Services industry. Our team understands the complexities of your work and the importance of having highly skilled professionals on board.

Leverage Your Growth

We work closely with you to understand your challenges, then customize the right solution that meet your needs. Team member with the right experience and qualifications are then assigned to ensure the successful implementation of your action plan.

We can provide flexible solutions, from temporary help during busy periods to dedicated staff for ongoing growth. This allows you to focus on what matters most – serving your clients and achieving your business goals.


What Can UStaffed VAs Do?

A virtual support team can transform your work day.

Outsource support

Our services provide reliable, consistent, immediate staffing, while offering the quality control of a U.S. based company at offshore pricing.

Lead generator

Get qualified leads, generate referral sources, schedule reviews, and book follow up appointments with our telemarketing experts. We offer proven word tracks and compelling templates to ensure success with any retention and acquisition campaign.


Our experienced human resources professionals can assist in bringing you the best candidates for your final decision, relieving you from the distraction of searching for the right candidates.


Grow your brand, retain customers, or boost sales. Our marketing experts craft social media, email, and content strategies that allow you to meet your goals.

Want to learn more about our service?

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Why Our Clients Choose Us?

Discover what people truly value about our work

We are highly pleased with the content and format of training extended to us by USTAFFED. Team Members were made comfortable and went at the pace of their understanding. All of the Team Members have become more proficient in Life Insurance Knowledge and the application of Sales. 

Ruben F Solis Jr_edited.jpg
Ruben F. Solis Jr.

State Farm Agent

Our Customized Approach

We customize solutions based on your challenges, delivering a strategic outsourcing plan for technology, talent, and optimal scheduling to propel your business.

How it work
Get set up with 5 easy steps
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Deep dive with us into your goals and hiring needs.


We will work with you to design a customized solution for your business.


Once you're on board, we will source the best talent for you.


We will create a customized training program that aligns with your goals.


Sit back and enjoy the efficiencies ahead - it's time to grow!

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